Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Obituary - also not cheap

Be forewarned.  If you're going to put an obituary in the Newspaper (I used the Calgary Herald) it's going to cost you. Dad's obit cost $556.50 for not a lot of words, and with no picture.

It's worth spending the money, because a number of his colleagues and friends found out about his passing this way and were able to attend. Probably people we wouldn't have otherwise been able to reach.

Just be ready to be screwed on the price.  You'll be close to $1,000 if you want the obit to be nicely worded, be carried for more than a few days and include a picture.

I swear newspapers are only staying in business so that they can reap the massive rewards of having the baby boomers all die off in the next few years.

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