Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Dying is an expensive business

Got a parent close to death?  Start saving

Here's a list of unexpected expenses that my sister, my wife and I had to cover in the 12 days immediately following my Dad's death, but mostly before we were able to access his or my mother's funds.  Almost all of it went onto our credit cards.

This will give you some idea of what's required of you when a parent dies, and you or the surviving parent cannot access funds to cover dying costs, or household expenses.

Many other expenses were incurred, but thankfully some of them came automatically out of our parent's bank account (e.g. phone, internet, television, AAA, insurance payments,  etc).

March 6 to 20th, 2014: More than $6,400.

  • $    421.00  Credit Card Payment (interest only)
  • $    443.04  Electricity and Gas Bill
  • $    262.50  Legal Fee for Power of Attorney
  • $    833.45  Memorial Service (food and donation to Church)
  • $    556.50  Obituary
  • $      70.00  Garbage Dump Fees
  • $      25.00  Land title change
  • $1,522.50  Cremation Fee
  • $   108.00  Mail Forwarding fee (1 year)
  • $     60.00  Photo Enlargement for Memorial Service
  • $     80.00  Beer and food run for friends/guests staying at house
  • $   162.00  Mum's Alberta Blue Cross Bill
  • $   459.00  Furnace Service (preparation of house for sale)
  • $     60.00  Hardware repair items (preparation of house for sale)
  • $  380.87  American Express Credit Card bill
  • $  168.00  Patient Transfer to have Mum taken to church
  • $  703.50  Water Testing
This excludes the flights, car rentals, parking fees, fuel and our food costs that we paid to be there and to run errands.

In total, since my father died seven months ago, my wife and I have outlaid $17,201, and my sister over $4,000.  Again, this excludes our initial flights and other transportation costs for the funeral.

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